Use of IMF credit (DOD, current US$) in Georgia
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Use of IMF credit (DOD, current US$)[Economic Policy & Debt]
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Top ranked countries for development indicator "Use of IMF credit (DOD, current US$)" (year 2009)

Ukraine [1] Romania [2]
Turkey [3] Pakistan [4]
Belarus [5] Serbia [6]
Latvia [7] Liberia [8]
Congo, Dem. Rep. [9] Georgia [10]

About "Use of IMF credit (DOD, current US$)"

Use of IMF credit denotes members’ drawings on the IMF other than those drawn against the country’s reserve tranche position. Use of IMF credit includes purchases and drawings under the Extended Credit Facility, Standby Credit Facility, Rapid Credit Facility, Stand-By Arrangements, Flexible Credit Line, and the Extended Fund Facility. The IMF’s loan instruments have changed over time to address the specific circumstances of its members. Note: Data related to the operations of the IMF come from the IMF Treasurer’s Department and are converted from special drawing rights (SDRs) into dollars using end-of-period exchange rates for stocks and average over the period exchange rates for converting flows. Data are in current U.S. dollars.

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